Intensive English School 

The Intensive English School (IES) of Anula Primary provides a developmental curriculum for newly arrived students from non English speaking backgrounds. Students enter the Intensive English School with minimal or no English skills with the intention to learn to communicate, read and write in English after the duration of the program, generally a 12 month period. Children can have an extra semester; however this is at the discretion of the school determent of the student's English acquisition. The IES is jointly funded by the Federal and NT Government to ensure that all non English speaking students have equal access to educational opportunities.


Students from 5-12 years of age are enrolled at Anula Primary in the intensive program until their ability to learn through English and their understanding about life and school in Australia are considered to be at a level that allows successful participation in mainstream classes. After this time students enrol at a school in their local area. This process is facilitated by Anula Primary School to ensure a smooth transition for the students and their family.

Our Aims

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To provide students with the opportunity to access age-appropriate curriculum whilst learning through Standard Australian English.

For teachers to deliver differentiated explicit instruction through effective ESL pedagogy to meet the language learning and educational needs of all non-English speaking students.

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To set learning goals based on the students age, stage of schooling and English Language Proficiency.

To provide a supportive, caring and inclusive environment to help all children develop and achieve academically, socially and emotionally.

To support each student to successfully integrate into mainstream schooling.

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Anula Primary School values diversity and is supportive of all culture, customs and beliefs.

Anula Primary School represent students from many different countries and the students present with an array of languages. The students are a mix of migrants and refugees who have chosen Australia as their place to seek refuge, reside, work or study. Bilingual officers offer bilingual lessons once a week in their represented language. These lessons provide an opportunity to support and explain Australian culture and schoolng to the students, whilst interacting with students from their home country who speak their home language.

Anula Primary School has a strong partnership with Melaleuca to assist families in the settlement process. Melaleuca provides support, counselling and training for staff members to assist with dealing with trauma and loss and to ensure each families introduction to life and schooling in Australia is as stress free as possible.