Student Leadership Group 2018


‘When I stand up, I become a leader.’


‘Leadership is a bit like running. We call all do it, but some of us just do it better.’


‘Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.’


‘To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.’    Eleanor Roosevelt


The 2018 Student Leadership Group comprises a number of budding leaders who have been selected by both their peers and school leaders. As the year progresses, these budding leaders will learn to succeed through challengers by sometimes having to go against the crowd, recover from setbacks, learning to involve others and overcoming conflict. The SLG students will be implementing some BIG IDEAS as school improvement projects, with planning underway. .


Roles of the 2018 SLG


Captains: Seinnah Taylor and Harriet Beaton

Vice-Captains: Cassia Latz and Macenzee Dixon

Sports Captains: Travis Skippings and Jamaine McGee (Dangglaba), Jacob Lloren and Bailey Peach (Batumba) and Kiara Peters and Tennyson Phillips (Gudbilling).

Citizen of the Year: Alyssa Ricks

Class representatives: Benedict Sonsie-Daams, Nayt Philliips, Kalea Tao, Alyssa Ricks, Benjamin Nguyen, Nong Phumas, Jennifer Choi, Poppy Brook, Matthew Walmsley and Queen R.

An SLG noticeboard has been set up at the top of the library stairs. Check this out to learn more about the members of our SLG and for future notices.