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Principal Message

Principal Message

I am the proud principal of Anula Primary School, a school that values diversity and quality teaching delivered by passionate and qualified staff. As a school leader, I look with kind eyes. I believe every child deserves to feel welcomed, protected and supported at school. I believe every child has the capacity to learn and achieve to the best of their ability when enveloped in a nurturing and driven environment. As a leader, I invest authentic time and energy purposefully to the entire school community and demonstrate a sense of urgency towards school improvement and enhanced outcomes for all stakeholders.

Anula Primary School is an extremely diverse school with over 40 different languages spoken. Our Intensive English School has an enrolment capacity of 45 students, who all speak a language other than English. These students learn to read, write and communicate in Standard Australian English. After approximately 12 months in the program they can enter into mainstream schooling being able to access the Australian Curriculum. This level of diversity creates a harmonious, tolerant and empathetic environment where everyone feels accepted and valued as an integral member of our school community. Our mainstream school caters for students from Preschool to Year 6. At Anula we have an holistic approach delivered in a caring environment that focuses on educating the whole child.

We deliver programs to our students that cater for our varied learners, ensuring we are offering a service to our students that ignites and strengthens their learning pathways and interests. Anula Primary School has an excellent reputation for delivering evidence based pedagogical practices such as the Walker Learning (play based learning P-2), Meaningful Maths, Read Write Inc, Writers Workshop and SOLE inquiry learning.

I welcome you to Anula Primary School community and look forward to working in partnership with you and your family into the future.

Melinda Kealy


What Our Parents Say

What Our Parents Say

What Our Parents Say

"Anula is an outstanding school. The teaching and support staff are so helpful."

"So far, we love the school. Teachers have been very supportive and communicate well."

"Thanks for all your hard work!"

"Anula is a fantastic school and we are so blessed to be there, thanks!"

"The school has a friendly, homey feel."

What Our Students Say

What Our Students Say

What Our Students Say

"I like my school because teachers are kind."

"I think Anula Primary School is perfect just the way it is."

"I like Anula because I can find something to do and enough friends to play with. Even on holidays, I miss it."

"Our school is incredible. We are so lucky and fortunate to have these wonderful staff members that support us."

"I absolutely love Anula. We celebrate students' achievements."

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