Australian Curriculum

Australian Curriculum

Australian Curriculum

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The Australian Curriculum

The Australian Curriculum

The Australian Curriculum

The Australian Curriculum

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The Australian Curriculum

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The Australian Curriculum

School Improvements


After School Care


Outside School Hours Care

OSHC stands for Out of School Hours Care and provides an environment that is engaging, caring and friendly.

OSHC can be utilised in many ways by all families with school aged children. Some parents may need to use this service every day because of work commitments, others may need to use it once in a while for an appointment that they just can not fit in during school time or in an emergency situation e.g. car breaking down and they can not get to school to collect their child/ren. Whatever the reason, the aim is to provide a quality service that meets families' needs.

Anula Outside School Hours Care

Anula OSHC is managed as a partnership between Anula Primary School and Child Australia. We encourage children to think about OSHC as an extension to family and feel welcome and comfortable in their environment.



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School Review 2020


An ACER School Review is conducted over 2-3 days (depending on school size), with the resulting report providing detailed, evidence-based feedback in relation to each individual domain, along with a set of overall Commendations, Affirmations and Recommendations.

Each domain is assessed using qualitative profiles and designated as "outstanding", "high", "medium" or "low", with evidence to support the designation provided.

Upon the completion of a school review, ACER is able to work with the school leadership team to develop a comprehensive School Improvement plan, based on the finding of the report.

School Review Report

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School Canteen Menu

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Healthy Canteen, Healthy School

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