Welcome to Anula Preschool,

Our children come from very diverse backgrounds. Each

child brings to our Preschool their own individual history,

culture, language and family traditions. They have their

own individual interests and understandings, family and

community experiences. We value their diversity and

endeavour to explore their knowledge and interests

further. We also expose them to a broad range of new

experiences. We use the children’s interests to plan our

fortnightly Statement of Intent.

Our teaching is based on our understanding that young

children grow, develop and learn best through play. Our

program reflects the national educational philosophy of

Play Based Learning as stated in the Early Years Learning


Belonging: Children need to feel they belong at Preschool

(in the environment) and with the people (through their


Being: Children need to feel valued in the here and now –

meeting the challenges of everyday life.

Becoming: Children are shaped through their lives by many different relationships, events and circumstances. During the early years as children learn and grow, they change significantly and rapidly.

At Anula the Early Years team are implementing a well researched pedagogy that involves Play Based Learning.  The Walker Learning Approach (WLA) is about engaging children in real life learning experiences based on their interests, needs and strengths.

Any child turning four by the 30th of June may commence Preschool at the beginning of that year (provided places are available). Children turning four in the second half of the year may commence Preschool in term three or four (after they have turned four and if there is a position available).

It is a Department of Education requirement that parents/guardians provide proof of age and immunisation details at enrolment.



Monday/Tuesday 8:00 - 14:30 

Teacher - Anna Latz

Teaching Assistant - Penny Kirby

Thursday/Friday 8:00 - 14:30

Teacher - Debbie Ridley

Teaching Assistant - Chris Millar

Wednesday odd weeks 8:00 - 14:30

To request more information:

Contact the school office

Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm

08 8997 7500

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